Applicant Tracking System (ATS): Optimizing Your Resume for "Resume Gatekeepers"

Many of our clients are surprised when we suggest they submit their resume as a Word document as opposed to PDF document. While something about a PDF document might feel perhaps more complete, Word documents have a significantly higher likelihood of being read by ATS software, or as we call it, "resume gatekeepers."

Hold on a second... What is an ATS?
An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software that HR departments use to sort through and filter job candidates. It used to be that only larger companies would use ATS software, however over the years we've seen more and more mid-to-small-sized businesses begin to utilize the software as well. The purpose of ATS software? Help businesses streamline their hiring process, saving them time and resources when searching for and selecting ideal candidates.

How does ATS software work?
The KEY (hint hint) to ATS software is... you guessed it: keywords. ATS software works by taking resumes submitted by applicants and storing them in an online database. When the HR department is looking to fill a specific position, they search for resumes with keywords associated with the position for which they are hiring. This helps employers efficiently filter and sort potential candidates.

What does ATS software mean for job seekers?
For job seekers, ATS software means that more than ever you need a resume that positions you for the specific job for which you are applying. Gone are the days of broad-stroke, chronological employment history resumes. Today, the more position-specific keywords that your resume includes, the more likely you are to rise to the top of a hiring manager's search rankings.

How can you get to the top of ATS searches?
At Rochester Resume, we specialize in customizing resumes to not only look and read the part, but to also help get them to the top of ATS searches. Backed with vast resume writing experience, our client-focused and job-specific take on your resume can not only bring out the best in what you offer an employer, but can also hit on the variety of specific keywords and phrases that hiring managers are seeking. One on one, we'll work with you to capture and showcase the core talents and qualifications that you bring to the table for the position you are desiring. No cookie-cutter templates. Your resume will be tailored to your specific needs.

Get your career jump started with a skillfully crafted resume that gets you past the "resume gatekeeper". Call Rochester Resume today for a free consultation. 585.264.1176.

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