ChatGPT and AI: A False Promise Without Context

ChatGPT and AI: A False Promise Without Context

ChatGPT and AI: A False Promise Without Context

It was only a matter of time before ChatGPT hit resumes. Like all shiny new pennies, for some the appeal is great. Four recent interactions are worth sharing. The bottom line: Without context all the AI in the world is not meaningful.

Client No. 1: A high-achieving, early-career professional. The product that came out from his ChatGPT experience lacked perspective and situational relevance. While it was factually correct, it was living proof that “junk in, junk out” still applies. He acknowledged that AI was not the panacea he thought it would be.

Client No 2: A professional re-entering the market after an extended period. After some effort, the client reported that what came out left her in tears. In other words, it just wasn’t right relative to her objective, the issues she faced and it left her frustrated.

Client No. 3: A mid-career creative professional loved it and could not understand why anyone would engage a professional for help with a resume when “I can just use ChatGPT.” After about 30 seconds of thinking about a rebuttal, I just folded and said, “Ok. Sounds like a good strategy to me.”

Client No. 4: A mid-career technology professional. The client’s comment, “It’s great if you need help writing a letter or crafting some copy, but…” I take that as a tacit acknowledgement that there is still some, however small, value in the intellectual prowess of a real person.

The moral of the story: Just because ChatGPT spit out some content doesn't mean it’s real, relevant and meaningful to you. Last I knew, human beings were still smarter than any machine!

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