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A resume coupled with a strategically written cover letter tells a compelling story of your success. Your cover letter is the first chance to make a winning impression on potential employers. Don’t fall into the trap of endlessly revising your resume for every job opportunity. Let your cover letter customize your resume.

We can write a strong and effective custom letter or a template letter to help you get your foot in door usually in a fraction of the time. In addition, we can train you in our approach to writing cover letters so that you can do them yourself without help.

Follow-up letters are an important tool in reinforcing your value and driving home key points from your interview. Don’t miss an opportunity to make a second favorable impression on your prospective employer!

We can also help you leave a favorable impression after the interview.

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LinkedIn: Your Digital Front Door

LinkedIn: Your Digital Front Door

LinkedIn is the name of the game is job search. It’s not about who YOU know. Rather, job search is about WHO knows you. And LinkedIn is where prospective employers go to source candidates, learn more about a candidate, see who the employer and the candidate know in common, and learn what others have said about you.


Applicant Tracking System (ATS): Optimizing Your Resume for "Resume Gatekeepers"

Many of our clients are surprised when we suggest they submit their resume as a Word document as opposed to PDF document. While something about a PDF document might feel perhaps more complete, Word documents have a significantly higher likelihood of being read by ATS software, or as we call it, "resume gatekeepers." Hold on […]


Resume Strategies for College Internships

Recently, we’ve seen a number of college students coming to us looking for help with their resume to secure an internship. Internships are great resume builders, however they are competitive in today’s marketplace. A resume is the first step in the door and needs to profile your work, abilities, activities and education to help get […]


Compelling Resumes Through a Fresh Lens

Resume writing can be hard. We know that when you’re “in it”, it’s difficult to find your worth in what you might think of as your mundane, day to day tasks. And even once you can put a finger on some of the value you brought to your former employers, you must then articulate and […]