Compelling Resumes Through a Fresh Lens

Resume writing can be hard. We know that when you're "in it", it's difficult to find your worth in what you might think of as your mundane, day to day tasks. And even once you can put a finger on some of the value you brought to your former employers, you must then articulate and convey it properly on paper.

We recently saw a candidate that, despite a strong success pattern, was suffering from what we like to call career "low self-esteem." In writing his own resume, this former call center employee failed to see or convey the true value of what he had been providing his past employers. That's where we came in.

We started by discussing his past work experiences. With an unbiased ear, we know how to ask our clients the right questions to uncover what makes them a compelling employee candidate. We needed to position him for the job he wanted and could get; not the job he was leaving. With that in mind we helped our client discover that he wasn't just a call center employee fielding inbound calls all day. Instead, we helped him reposition himself as an inside sales/account service professional working on customer retention, revenue generation, incremental selling and client service.

We backed this up with success stories and high-value responsibilities, polished off with a creative and visually appealing layout for the document.

What should you expect in a nutshell?

  1. We ask you the right questions, and we listen.
  2. We give unbiased analysis of your employment history.
  3. Our talented writer repositions you for the job you want.
  4. We polish off your resume with a creative and visually appealing layout.
  5. You leave with a compelling and attractive resume that positions you for the employment opportunity you desire.

Find out if Rochester Resume can help you get over the resume hump. Give us a call or send us your paperwork today for a free review. 585.264.1176 or visit us on

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