The perfect resume: 4 things to consider

When writing or updating your resume, here are the top four things to consider:

Is your resume strategically focused?

A resume is, or should be, a strategically focused document that sells your qualifications and experiences in their best possible light. The high school and college placement office approach, which focuses heavily on tasks and duties, is neither relevant nor competitive in today's super-competitive job market. A concise, thoughtfully written resume is essential to setting your credentials apart from the other hundred in the pile.

Your state of mind.

Most people who sit down to write their own resume are in (A) some state of distress or anxiety associated with the pending loss or actual loss of a job, (B) totally out-of-touch with the complexities of today's Internet-based job market, (C) lacking in the personal marketing savvy it takes to objectively present one's qualifications, or (D) uncomfortable as a writer. We can help on all four counts and give your resume the edge it needs to set you apart from others.

Are you at a crossroads?

Nearly every client we see is at a crossroads in their life or career. Rare is the client who walks in seeking a resume to help them get a job exactly like their last one. Nearly every client is looking to take their career to the next level, change industries or careers completely, or test the waters — often without a complete understanding of what their options are in the market. That's where we can help. Chances are we've written someone in your profession already and we have at minimum a working knowledge of the field to get started. We can lend objectivity and clarity to your thinking, your job search and, most importantly, to your resume.

How successful has your current resume been?

There's a very simple way to determine how well your current resume is working. If you are applying for jobs, which you are reasonably qualified to hold, and not getting a phone call for an interview, then something is wrong. Perhaps, as so many candidates do, you've minimized the value of your work experience. Or maybe you're not focused heavily enough on accomplishments in your history. Whatever the case, if your resume is not getting the results you think you should be getting, there may be something wrong with your resume.

A resume should do more than simply present your technical skills and qualifications. It should tell a story, paint a picture with words and speak to your character and overall competency as a candidate. If your resume doesn't do that presently, we can help. Contact to learn more.

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